N° 296 - Special Photo Edition 2023/2024

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Photo Special 2023/2024
We are delighted that our readership continues to enjoy the yearly ‘Photo Special’ magazine, which departs from our usual format of a cover story, news items, reviews of performances from the world over and various regular columns which for some 44 years we have offered to ballet enthusiasts around the globe to signal significant moments and changing ideas in this art form.
We proudly present the latest roundup of ‘photo-news’, in a one-per-page structure, highlighting companies, dancers and a variety of subjects which our editorial team feel have made their mark in both classical and contemporary dance in the 2023-24 season so far and which will be of interest to our readership, be it in paper or digital form.
In this edition, striking images take centre stage and are accompanied by relevant texts from the many distinguished dance critics who contribute to the magazine.

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Bimonthly (6 issues per year)BALLET2000 is an incomparable source of information, ideas, images, from the world of dance and ballet. Its contributors are among the best known dance critics in the world, with great professional experience in this field; for 40 years they have given the magazine a unique prestige and reliability among the dance publications in Europe.
It comes out on paper and digitally, in three separate editions:
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