N. 293 - May/June 2023

The Royal Ballet today

BALLET2000 has always reported on both the work and artists of the UK’s premier ensemble, which, despite enjoying a far less ancient tradition than some of its major rivals around the world, has become and remains one of the most important and artistically rich companies in terms of dancers and repertoire. It has been some time since we have focused on the state of affairs at Covent Garden; Gerald Dowler offers his overview, in addition to reports on two recent new productions, one from the heritage repertoire and one contemporary.

4 News – from the dance world

20 On the cover :
The Royal Ballet today
– The company dancers
A contemporary evening
Ashton’s Cinderella

28 Focus – choreographers
Saburo Teshigawara

31 On Stage! – reviews :
Rome Opera Ballet
Mariinsky Ballet
Maribor Ballet
Paris Opéra Ballet
Aterballetto Foundation
New York City Ballet
Batsheva Dance Company
Kurtidos Co.
Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
Birmingham Royal Ballet
Paris Opéra Ballet

44 Close-Up
Natalia Dudinskaya

47 Multimedia : TV, Web, DVD,
Cinema, Books...

49 Farewell : Pierre Lacotte, Attilio Labis, Michaël Denard, Denis Vieira, Bruno Vescovo, Jean-Pierre Martal, Lupe Serrano

Ballet2000 n. May/June 2023

Marianela Nuñez - Cinderella - Royal Ballet