N. 291 - December 2022

Raymonda,from romanticism to abstraction
Petipa’s last major ballet, Raymonda was little performed outside Russia until some fifty years ago, but it is recognised today as a masterpiece with great choreographic and musical value. Continually performed in St Petersburg and Moscow, it has now entered the repertoires of companies around the world, from the Paris Opéra Ballet to La Scala, Milan, and, several months ago, of English National Ballet in a new version created by Tamara Rojo.

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Raymonda, from romanticism to abstraction
Amsterdam’s classic Raymonda
ENB: Tamara’s take on Raymonda

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La Scala Ballet Milan
Paris Opera Ballet
The Royal Ballet, London
CNDC Angers
Compagnie Rosas A.T. de Keersmaeker
Pina Bausch Foundation / École des Sables
Ballet National de Marseille
Opera Ballet of Flanders
Saburo Teshigawara / Venice Biennale
Hungarian National Ballet, Budapest
Compañía Nacional de Danza, Madrid

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Ida Rubinstein

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Pina Bausch, a reluctant legend

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Maya Makhateli, Het Nationale Ballet “Raymonda