N. 288 - October/November 2021

In this issue we explore the latest work of an auteur who does not call himself a choreographer but who for several years has been increasingly establishing himself as one of the most interesting creators on the contemporary dance scene. The bull on our cover moves solemnly and enigmatically across the stage in Transverse Orientation, operated by a group of performers who don’t dance but who are unmistakably dancers, stripped “bare” (in all senses), like the myths they seem to be evoking. The work, by Dimitris Papaioannou, was recently seen at the main European festivals and will continue to tour the world.

4 News – from the dance world

22 On the cover:
Dimitris Papaioannou, archaeology of myth and body

28 On stage – Critics
Ballet Preljocaj
Jan Fabre / Baryshnikov
La Scala Ballett, Milan
Maguy Marin Co.
Wayne McGregor / Venice Dance Biennale
Rome Opera Ballet
The Royal Ballet, London
Serghei Polunin & Co.
Hong Kong Ballet
Robert Wilson / Lucinda Childs
Paris Opera Ballet
Emmanuel Gat Co.

40 Spotlight on
Virna Toppi

42 Steps in History
Les Ballets Russes de Monte-Carlo

46 Close-up
The “Gran Antonio”

49 Multimedia : TV, Web, DVD, Cinema, Books...

Ballet2000 n. October/November 2021

Transverse Orientation