N. 285 - December 2020/January 2021

Life begins again at 40
Dance and ballet haven’t been saved from the measures implemented to counter the virus (rightly or not, efficaciously or not, as the case may be – it’s not our business to discuss them here); on the contrary, said measures have lashed out vehemently against the performing arts and especially – on account of its physical nature which involves body contact – against dance, forcing theatres, companies and schools to close down. This has been the situation since last March to date, albeit with various interludes and many frantic or wishful attempts to perform, at least via streaming, previously-planned shows (or to continue classes via distance teaching/learning).

Inevitably, this has also affected BALLET2000. Readers are always await publication eagerly but the paralysis and uncertainty for schools and theatres has temporarily discouraged announcements, notices and even advertising.
Consequently, after issue No. 284 last March (and last summer’s special issue, published digitally only), the magazine suspended publication pending a return to “normal life”.
With all the openings-up and new lockdowns it’s still hard to tell when and how a full general recovery will take place. But BALLET2000 isn’t giving in and indeed starts up again with this issue No. 285 which couldn’t fail to mark its 40th anniversary, the first issue of the magazine having appeared in December 1980 under the title BALLETTOOGGI, which went on to become BALLET2000 ten years later when the magazine became “threefold”, thanks to its international editions.
Forty years that don’t call for any special celebrations (nor would this moment in time allow it). It’s not for me to say what this magazine has represented for the Italian, French and European dance world; the generations of artists and spectators who have grown up with BALLET2000 as a source of information and a tool for reflection, building up their knowledge of the choreographic world with no geographical or mental boundaries, know the answer.
The next issue, No. 286, will be published in mid-April 2021; then, the magazine will resume its bi-monthly rhythm (6 issues per year plus special issues).
As from this issue our readers will no doubt notice a few changes: a few new columns though, on the other hand, the absence of our usual Calendar listing of performances in Europe which has frankly been made impossible by the uncertainty of programming. But many forthcoming creations and programmes are announced on the News pages and in various articles.
Alfio Agostini

4 News – from the Dance World

20 On the cover :
Back on stage...Audience at home!
● Paris Opéra
● La Scala, Milan
● The Royal Ballet, London
● Rome Opera
● Compañía Nacional de Danza, Madrid
● Béjart Ballet Lausanne
● Ballet Nice Méditerranée
● Vienna Opera Ballet
● Stuttgart Ballet

30 Focus on choreographers
Pontus Lidberg

32 On stage, critics:
● Batsheva Dance Company
● Ballet Preljocaj
● Dimitris Papaioannou
● Compañía la Mov
● Compagnie Hervé Koubie
● Compagnia Enzo Cosimi

38 Spotlight on
Marcelino Sambé

40 Steps in History
Les Ballets Suédois

44 Zizi Jeanmaire – by Irène Lidova

47 Multimédia : TV, Web, Dvd, Cinéma...

Ballet2000 n. December 2020/January 2021

Marcelino Sambé - La Fille mal gardée c. Frederick Ashton ph. T. Kenton