N. 202 - July/ August 2009

Alexei Ratmansky, the Russian of Today

This portrait of dancer/ choreographer/director Alexei
Ratmansky is dedicated to all those who are sceptical about the
fate of ballet in the third millennium. Heir to a great
tradition, Ratmansky has rediscovered the “historical”
avant-garde works of his native Russia and innovated the
Bolshoi’s repertoire by producing a number of clever and witty
ballets that are halfway between creation and tradition. Today
Ratmansky is one of the leading lights on the international ballet
scene, from Moscow to New York. “Ballet2000” has followed his
career, especially his work at the Bolshoi

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28 Alexei Ratmansky, le Russe d’aujourd’hui
Alexei Ratmansky, il Russo di oggi
Alexei Ratmansky, the Russian of Today

36 Les critiques / Recensioni spettacoli / Critics : 

  • American Ballet Theatre
  • Morphoses Company
  • New York City Ballet 
  • Random Dance  
  • Balletto del Teatro Massimo di Palermo
  • The Forsythe Company
  • Béjart Ballet Lausanne
  • Compagnie Blanca Li
  • Compagnie Rosas 
  • Ballet Royal des Flandres
  • The Royal Ballet, London 
  • Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon 
  • New Adventures 
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov/ Ana Laguna 
  • Michael Clark Company

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