N. 209 - May 2010

Not so Hot... but Dance Summer is here!

We are reminded on a daily basis that Europe is currently undergoing an
economic crisis. And while dance itself is not necessarily in crisis, the
economic situation also affects the dance world and hence theatres,
festivals and companies need to find a way of surviving on ever-dwindling
resources. Summer is normally the heyday for festivals but the season that
lies ahead confirms these are indeed difficult times. In the old days, dance
critics and fans used to spend the summer months chasing after shows
from one town to the next – Italy’s thousands of tourist resorts, ideal for
open-air performances, France’s numerous historical sites, not to
mention venues in Spain and other holiday destinations. One thing is
certain: there will be far less running around going on this summer, though
there will still be lots to see. The major festivals are determined to keep going,
as are many European troupes. Thus, the “summer festival calendar” will
continue to cater to its numerous spectators and satisfy their diverse
inclinations. Here, then, is a “tour d’horizon” of the summer programmes
that have been announced as we go to print. See the “Calendar” pages for
a full listing and stay tuned for further details in our next issue.

6 Affiche/Cartellone/Calendar

13 Echos – nouvelles du monde de la danse
Brevi – notizie dal mondo della danza
News – from the dance world

28 Preljocaj chez lui à l’Opéra
Preljocaj di casa all’Opéra di Parigi
Preljocaj at Home at the Paris Opera

38 Les critiques / Recensioni spettacoli / Critics : 

  • Het Nationale Ballet
  • Vienna Opera Ballet 
  • Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon 
  • The Royal Ballet
  • Ballet Víctor Ullate de la Comunidad de Madrid 
  • Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux
  • Les Grands Ballets Canadiens 
  • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Jérôme Bel  
  • Bill T. Jones & Arnie Zane Dance Company 
  • The Royal Ballet 
  • Jeune Ballet du Conservatoire National de Paris

58 Multimedia : TV, Web, Dvd...

64 TV

Ballet2000 n. May 2010

Paris Opera Ballet, Siddharta