N. 211 - July/ August 2010

Citizens of the World, but Russians
Through and Through

The Iron Curtain may have been torn down, but the myth of the
Russian dancer persists. The aura of mystery which surrounded the
Soviet idols of yesteryear has now given way to the fascination and
glamour of Russian dance celebrities of today who, no longer
confined within the borders of ‘The Russias’, frequently ‘guest’ or are
principals with the big companies of Europe and America. And just
like their predecessors, they too are adored by enthusiastic
balletomanes all over the world


12 Echos – nouvelles du monde de la danse
Brevi – notizie dal mondo della danza
News – from the dance world

28 Danseurs Russes, toujours à la mode
Russi, alla riconquista del mondo
Citizens of the World, but Russian Through and Through

36 Ouliana, hors concours
Fuori dal gruppo, Ulyana Lopatkina
Lopatkina’s Splendid Isolation
Russians on Video

41 Les critiques / Recensioni spettacoli / Critics : 

  • Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris 
  • Balletto del Teatro alla Scala, Milano 
  • Balé de la Ciudade de Sao Paulo 
  • Compagnie Käfig  
  • Ballett der Staatsoper, Berlin  
  • Compagnie Marie Chouinard 
  • Israel Galván 
  • Compagnia Virgilio Sieni 
  • Unión Tanguera 
  • Hong Kong Ballet

54 La danse en Colombie / La danza in Colombia / Dance in Colombia

58 Multimedia : TV, Web, Dvd...

61 TV

Ballet2000 n. July/ August 2010

Ulyana Lopatkina, Le Lac des cygnes