N. 212 - September 2010

Forsythe Effect

No one has influenced choreography during the last
twenty years more than American William Forsythe. His ballets are
sought after both by traditional companies such as La Scala,
Milan or the Paris Opéra and by more modern-minded troupes
such as the Lyon Opera Ballet, though they are in fact revivals of
previous works, now considered “classics” of the contemporary

6 Affiche/Cartellone/Calendar

12 Echos – nouvelles du monde de la danse
Brevi – notizie dal mondo della danza
News – from the dance world

28 Forsythe Effect
Forsythe, ancien et nouveau, mais toujours sur scène
Nuovo e vecchio Forsythe sulla scena di oggi
Forsythe, New and Old

37 Les critiques / Recensioni spettacoli / Critics : 

  • Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève 
  • Josef Nadj  
  • Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow 
  • Compagnie Seo 
  • Mikhailovsky Ballet, St. Petersburg 
  • Maria Donata D’Urso 
  • Corella Ballet 
  • Mau Company/ Lemi Ponifasio 
  • Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet 
  • New York City Ballet

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Ballet2000 n. September 2010

William Forsythe, The Forsythe Company