N. 217 - February 2011

Wheeldon, a “Classic” for Today

We have been following 38-yearold Christopher Wheeldon’s
brilliant career from its early days. This English
choreographer is outwardly more “classical” than any other
choreographer today, yet he is so greatly in demand all over the
world that he can afford to play hard-to-get with the big
companies and even to walk out on his own New York-based
troupe. A full-evening ballet of his will be premièred shortly at
The Royal Ballet in London; in the meantime Wheeldon has
created a new “Sleeping Beauty” for The Royal Danish Ballet

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28 Christopher Wheeldon, le classique d’aujourd’hui
Christopher Wheeldon, il classico di oggi
Christopher Wheeldon, a “classic” for Today

32 La Belle de Copenhague
La Bella di Copenhagen
A Danish Beauty

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The Sleeping Beauty, c C Wheeldon