N. 219 - April 2011

Kylián, a Citizen of the World

Many still consider him the best choreographer of his
(and our) generation, the most refined, the most
poetic. His global success certainly seems to have a
timeless quality. But what is Jirí Kylián
doing now that he has left the helm of “his”
signature troupe, the Nederlands Dans
Theater? Which companies is he working with and
how is his work evolving?

5 Affiche/Cartellone/Calendar

13 Echos – nouvelles du monde de la danse
Brevi – notizie dal mondo della danza
News – from the dance world

28 Kylián, cittadino del mondo
Kylián, citoyen du monde
Kylián, Citizen of the World

38 Les critiques / Recensioni spettacoli / Critics : 

  • Vienna Opera Ballet 
  • Akram Khan Company 
  • Ballet Royal des Flandres 
  • CCN de Grenoble / Jean-Claude Gallotta 
  • Staatsballett Berlin 
  • Hong Kong Ballet 
  • CCN Ballet de Lorraine 
  • The Royal Ballet, London 
  • Het Nationale Ballet 
  • Australian Dance Theatre

58 Multimedia : TV, Web, Dvd...

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Ballet2000 n. April 2011

Petite Mort, c Jirí Kylián