N. 221 - July/ August 2011

Ballet Dynasties

In previous centuries it was
normal for stage artists to come
from theatrical families and,
therefore, for a dancer to be the
son or brother of another dancer.
Nowadays this is considered an
oddity, an unforeseeable
vocational coincidence. Yet there
are quite a few such cases in the
dance world. Let us go quickly
around the world and, without
presuming to compile a complete
list, let’s have fun picking out
some of the better-known dancers
who were born into dancing
families. Their names include
Mathieu Ganio, Zenaida
Yanowsky, Alessio Carbone,
Lorna Feijóo, Daniil Simkin...

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12 Echos – nouvelles du monde de la danse
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26 Figli d’arte / Enfants de la balle / Ballet Dynasties

35 Adieu Roland Petit

36 Les critiques / Recensioni spettacoli / Critics : 

  • New York City Ballet 
  • Bolshoi Theatre Ballet, Moscow 
  • Balletto del Teatro alla Scala, Milano 
  • The Royal Ballet, London 
  • CCN Grenoble “Groupe Émile Dubois/Jean-Claude Gallotta
  • New Adventures Company/Matthew Bourne 
  • Compagnie “Fêtes Galantes” 
  • Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris 
  • Staatsballett Berlin 
  • Balletto dell’Opera di Roma
  • Ballet Preljocaj  
  • Gala Ulanova, London

58 Cinema: “Pina”

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Ballet2000 n. July/ August 2011

Daniil Simkin, Everything Doesn’t Happen at Once