N. 225 - December 2011

Photo Special - A Year of Dance in Pictures

Let us bring the curtain down on 2011 and up on the New Year. As
always on this occasion BALLET2000 lets visual images
do the talking and provide a compendium of the year that has
just gone by. Here, then, are the most eloquent photographs of the
defining events, creations and artists of 2011.
We wish you all a happy and ‘danceful’ 2012!


4 Affiche/Cartellone/Calendar

11 Echos – nouvelles du monde de la danse
Brevi – notizie dal mondo della danza
News – from the dance world

26 Le plus belles images d’une année de danse
Le più belle immagini di un anno di danza
The defining pictures of a year of dance

62 TV

Ballet2000 n. December 2011

Ivan Vassiliev, Le Jeune Homme et la Mort