N. 227 - February 2012

Cunningham Final Act

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company gave its final
performance, a very last "Event", in New York last
December. Thus, the production of a genius of
modern and contemporary dance, who considered each of
his works to be unrepeatable acts of creation, risks
extinction according to his own last will and testament. But the
Merce Cunningham Trust has no intention of dying and
grants rights for some "repertoire" pieces to other companies
by Anna Kisselgoff

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28 Cunningham dernier acte
Cunningham ultimo atto
Cunningham Final Act

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  • Royal Danish Ballet
  • Hamburg Ballet 
  • ESD “R. Hightower”, Jeune Ballet de Cannes 
  • Hofesh Shechter Company 
  • Andrés Marín 
  • Compagnie Karine Saporta 
  • Bad Boys of Dance,
  • Rasta Thomas 
  • American Ballet Theatre

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