N. 229 - May 2012

Men in Motion

The media’s short-lived excitement over the “Polunin
Case” (the young dancer who unexpectedly left The Royal
Ballet, theatrically disappearing for a while) has rekindled
attention towards ballet’s young male stars of today. It is no
mystery that male dancers compete for star status with their
female colleagues. And so, considering that today’s dance
world is full of excellent dancers of both sexes, though devoid of
true divos or divas, gender equality is achieved. The public
admires the rampant boys of ballet and they in turn do their
utmost to delight the public at the frequent all-male galas. Let us
take a look a some recent cases that occurred in London and New
York involving dancers beknown in Europe

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Men in Motion

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  • Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris
  • Parsons Dance 
  • Balletto dell’Opera di Roma  
  • Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart 
  • Sylvie Guillem  
  • Zurich Ballet 
  • Incidence Chorégraphique  
  • Compagnie Ando/Davy Brun
  • New York City Ballet 
  • Ballet Arizona  
  • Nina Ananiashvili/National Ballet of Georgia

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Ballet2000 n. May 2012

Sergei Polunin, The Sleeping Beauty