N. 242 - October / November 2013

At dagger pointe

Sergei Filin, director of the Bolshoi Ballet, reappeared
last September with the great Russian
company in London, seven months after the attack
which almost cost him his eyesight. But the history
of ballet – especially Russian ballet – is brimming
with sinister anecdotes caused by merciless rivalries
and ambitions, with no holds barred. Roger Salas
takes us on a tragicomic, yet exciting, journey
littered with mysterious deaths and suicides, redlight
scandals and duels. This is where real-life
borders on legend...

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Bolshoi Ballet

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  • 420People – Václav Kuneš
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Ballet2000 n. October / November 2013

Olga Smirnova, La Bayadère