N. 271 - Special Photo issue 2018

2017-18: A world of photos

BALLET2000 has always taken pride in its dance photos
and in the beauty, variety and meaningfulness of their
images; indeed, we believe this is one of the reasons why
readers all over the world are so fond of our magazine
which is published in three different – visually almost
identical – editions (France, Italy and International English
Thus we believe that they welcome a special annual
all-photo issue with short descriptions for each picture.
This is BALLET2000’s “seventh issue” which comes
as an add-on to its six bi-monthly issues. But it isn’t a
mere bonus or picture album for pure visual pleasure. It
is simply ‘another’ way of relating what is going on in
the dance world, an alternative to how we do it during
the rest of the year using critiques, news and reviews in
larger quantities of words.
In these 93 photos, by best dance photographers from
around the world, our more attentive readers will recognise
shows, dancers and choreographers that they’ve already
seen in other photographs featured in the course
of the past year; moreover, they’ll find ‘pre-views’ of
those who are bound to show up again profusely in 2018
and to constitute the core of the dance, both on stage or
video, that will be on offer in the coming months.
BALLET2000 English Edition’s front-cover salutes two
world-famous stars of today, Natalia Osipova and Sergei
BALLET2000 France front-cover is devoted to Saburo
Teshigawara’s creation at the Paris Opéra.
BALLET2000 Italia pays tribute to the ballet company
of La Scala, Milan which has been moving forward over
recent years under artistic directors Makhar Vaziev and
then Frédéric Olivieri and whose new dancers were recently
applauded in Heinz Spoerli’s Goldberg Variationen.

Ballet2000 n. Special Photo issue 2018

Natalia Osipova, Serghei Polunin, Satori