N. 272 - March / April 2018

The African wave,to Europe and back

We continue to talk about “new dance” in Africa. Are we talking about African
dancers and choreographers who have taken European (mostly French) modern and
contemporary dance as their models, or is theirs an authentically-African dance,
created with genuine forms, styles and content? Seydou Boro, Serge Aimée Coulibaly
& co. Not forgetting South Africa’s – now internationally-famous – Dada Masilo
who is in a category of her own.

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African wave, to Europe and back

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  • The Royal Ballet, London
  • Paris Opéra Ballet
  • Staatsballett, Berlin
  • Ballet of La Scala, Milan
  • Rome Opera Ballet
  • English National Ballet
  • Introdans, Holland
  • Ballet du Capitole, Toulouse
  • Ballet Nice Mediterranée (Nice Opera)
  • Compagnie Montalvo
  • Stuttgart Ballet
  • Groupe Émile Dubois/Gallotta
  • Cullberg Ballet
  • Béjart Ballet Lausanne

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Dada Masilo, Carmen