N. 275 - September / October 2018

Marius Petipa, from history tothe present

Marius Petipa is 200 years old. He is undoubtedly the most influential choreographer
in the history of ballet as we know it today. His oeuvre is alive all the world over
though it is continually posing the problem of its reconstruction.
From London to New York, from Rome to Moscow, we take a look here at various
moments in the present life of Petipa’s oeuvre, while Berlin awaits the new
“Bayadère” by controversial Alexei Ratmansky

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22 On the cover :
Marius Petipa, from history to the present
UK, Moscow, Rome, New York

34 Venise Biennale: dance as theatre

28 On stage, critics :

  • Saburo Teshigawara
  • Martha Graham Dance Company
  • Nederlands Dans Theater I
  • Göteborg Operans Danskompany & Eastman
  • Cie Rosas, A.T. De Keersmaeker
  • Cie Maguy Marin
  • Pontus Lidberg Dance/Danish Dance Co.
  • Dimitris Papaioannou
  • Leon and the Wolf Dance Company
  • Aterballetto
  • Natalia Osipova
  • Ballet du Capitole, Toulouse

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Ballet2000 n. September / October 2018

Alexei Ratmansky’s Harlequinade