N. 277 - Special Photo issue 2019

And the seventh issue, they rested

...naturally it is words that are taking a rest in
this Special Photo Issue, that crowns the six bimonthly
issues of the year.
In this issue, therefore, the reports, articles,
reviews, ideas and news from all over the dance
world, that in all likelihood make BALLET2000
unique (three in one, with its triple editions – Italia,
France and International English), take a break
and give the floor to 74 photos that bespeak the
recent past and immediate future of the international
dance and ballet scene.
Short comments accompany the photos to remind
our readers about the artists, shows and
choreographers they have probably already met in
the course of the magazine’s “regular” issues.
As usual, the protagonist is dance – but only in
the sense of choreographic art. Only? Is this a
limitation? If it is, within those “limits” lies a
universe so boundless, rich and fascinating that
it can suffice not only for a magazine, but for a

Ballet2000 n. Special Photo issue 2019

Anna Nikulina, Bolshoi Ballet, in Le Corsaire