N. 280 - May / Juin 2019

The director’s office: just a step away from the stage

The trend is for top ballet companies (i.e. those with international classical/modern
repertoires) to choose as their directors young dancers or choreographers who have
never before worked in such a capacity: a new phenomenon. Directing a company is
an artistic task yet, at the same time, a managerial one vis-à-vis interrelating with
one’s in-house “workers” and with the outside world. Let’s take a look here at the
new faces who are in the drivers’ seats in various companies today.
by Roger Salas

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The director’s office: juste a step away from the stage

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  • San Francisco Ballet
  • Staatsballet Berlin
  • Ballet du Rhin
  • The Royal Ballet, London
  • Roma City Ballet
  • Nederlands Dans Theater 2
  • Ballet of the Teatro Massimo di Palermo
  • Paris Opera Ballet
  • Tulsa Ballet
  • Rambert 2
  • Stuttgart Ballet
  • New York City Ballet

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