N° 285 - December 2020/January 2021

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Life begins again at 40

After issue No. 284 last March (and last summer’s special issue, published digitally only), BALLET2000 temporarly suspended publication. It starts up again with this issue No. 285 which couldn’t fail to mark its 40th anniversary, the first issue of the magazine having appeared in December 1980 under the title BallettoOggi, which went on to become BALLET2000 ten years later when the magazine became “threefold”, thanks to its international editions.
Forty years that don’t call for any special celebrations. It’s not for us to say what this magazine has represented for the dance world. The generations of artists and spectators who have grown up with BALLET2000 as a source of information and a tool for reflection, building up their knowledge of the choreographic world with no geographical or mental boundaries, know the answer.

The next issue, No. 286, will be published in mid-April 2021, then the magazine will resume its bi-monthly rhythm (6 issues per year plus special issues).

Ballet 2000

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Bimonthly (6 issues per year)BALLET2000 is an incomparable source of information, ideas, images, from the world of dance and ballet. Its contributors are among the best known dance critics in the world, with great professional experience in this field; for 40 years they have given the magazine a unique prestige and reliability among the dance publications in Europe.
It comes out on paper and digitally, in three separate editions:
International English Edition – France – Italia


Magazine on paper (hard copy)
only 26,00 euros, one year (6 issues)

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